Support Our New School and Building Renovations!

Our new school and administration areas are well on their way to becoming a reality and is going to be amazing! Here is a snapshot of what is happening during this summer’s extensive project:

  • A new roof on the both the parish building and the garage; both will match the new roof on our Friary Rectory built two years ago!
  • A new playground for toddlers with a brick pathway, AND a renovated front playground, both areas will have new walls and fencing, too!
  • Changes to the administration areas will provide increased secure access for our school as well as new administrative offices and two new offices for our growing team (even I get moved, too!)
  • New STEAMM Classroom and hallway renovations to the school!

We, very thoughtfully and prayerfully, approached this current project and are covering the expenses through an added loan to our existing mortgage. But, nothing is free, and while there was no huge capital campaign we of course need to cover that increased expense over time as well as some unexpected expenses.

Those expenses will need to be met every month and the easiest way is to do two things, (1) ask for a one time donation, and (2) increase our eGiving by asking you to sign ups for a monthly or weekly gift electronically to help us plan and be sure we are financially solid to continue our mission and mission! We desperately need your support now more than ever. I pray that I need not do this again and I am asking for your help.

Please make your generous donation and plan to join us on in August for a special reception and blessing! Your special invitation is waiting!