Get Ready for Another Campus Addition at Saint Miriam!

Every year we just can’t help it! We get better and bigger to serve in even more ways! This past year, our school has grown beyond expectations and we recently added three new classrooms, plus we wanted to bring back fellowship to our parish after Mass each week, as safely as we can, but how? We decided to accomplish both with a shared-use, outside grass patio, play space with a large commercial tent for spring to fall outside fellowship!

Join Us as Construction Begins!

Join us as we prepare for the construction to begin on a stunning new 50′ x 0′ pad site within the next six weeks, adjacent to our main parish entrance! This new space will allow our school children to play safely during the week AND hold under-the-tent outdoor events on weekends for the parish.

Safety First!

Please watch for our contractors and turf pros while on campus. This project will also include new sidewalks and curb cuts at our main entry. Please also observe all construction signs to direct you as needed once we begin to renovate!

Saint Miriam… bigger, better, every year, just for you!