Reserve your 2022 ad spot here!

In addition to being printed in full color in our weekly bulletin, your Ad will be:

Featured on our homepage (in a rotation)

Featured with every weekly mailing and on every direct email we sent to parishioners and friends of Saint Miriam with a hyperlink to your site! (in a rotation)

Your ad purchase helps defray the costs of publishing the bulletin for our parish (as some still prefer printed materials), our web ads, but most importantly allows us to provide needed scholarships to children who cannot afford a quality, private education within our school.

To list your Ad for ALL 52 weeks – EVERY Week, it costs only…
Honor or Memorial Box = $100
Small Box (1.5″ x 1.75″) = $250 per year
Medium Box (2.6″x1.75″) = $400 per year
Large Box (4″x1.75″) = $550 per year

The deadline to qualify for a 50% discount for the year beginning Easter 2022 is August 2, 2021. Please use the online order here or contact Donna directly before that date to lock in your discount for next year’s ads!