How Do We Know that God is Trinity?

The Holy Trinity: God is three persons—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We all know that.  We may not completely understand it. But we know the facts.

But here’s a question: how do we know that God is Trinity? It’s not something we could have figured out on our own. The truth is, we know God is Father, Son and Holy Spirit only because God revealed this to us.

Which leads to another question: Why did God reveal that to us? And the amazing answer is that God revealed God’s own identity to us not just to give us “information.” God revealed God’s self to us because God wants us to know Him! God wants to be known by us! God wants relationship with us!

Think about it: God IS relationship—a relationship of three persons caught up in an everlasting life of Love.  And God wants you and me and all of us to know him; not just know things about him but to know him—like you know your spouse or best friend. God wants to draw us into his own relationship of everlasting love.  And he wants to draw all people, in fact all of creation, into that relationship.

This is so important for our daily lives. How things change when we stop viewing God as an old man with a white beard who is “up there” looking down at us, watching our every move, ready to reward or punish us for how well we “get it right.”

Nope. God is Three Persons in Love, whose only wish is to draw us into that love and to have us live all our relationships in that same love.

So, let yourself be loved! Let go and let God draw you—just as you are— into Love.  And then live all your relationships from that place of faithful enduring love.  And watch your world change.

Peace and every good,

Father Liam

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