A Relational Good Shepherd!

Ah, the Good Shepherd returns! It is always one of my favorites, if but overly used at times. Seeing Jesus as the example of being a good shepherd makes sense, because that was one of the major occupations throughout Palestine in His day. His listeners knew about them. People that cared for flocks of sheep … Read more

A Different & Intentional Holy Week!

As I watched the donkey watch us on Palm Sunday, I was reminded of simpler things and all things less fancy. It was in his expression that I knew this year needed to be different. This Holy Week was meant to be different. This Holy Week will not be about numbers at each mass in attendance, or … Read more

So, It Is Now Holy Week for Christians Around the Globe, But Will It Really Change Us? 

The world has simply become more caustic by any measure. The interactions on social media, between persons, and against the vulnerable, and those who identify as LGBTQ, and the foreigner and refugee are all more acidic and debilitating. The political rhetoric is nothing short of vile. We, as a people, have become less patient, less … Read more

“Sir, we wish to see Jesus.”

The opener to this week’s Gospel is great: “some Greeks” come to Andrew and say, “Sir, we wish to see Jesus.” It is a powerful verse, simple and yet so full of complexities, that it is also engraved on a brass plate on the inside of our pulpit at Saint Miriam. Why? Because we want … Read more

Lenten Poor.

Poverty comes in many forms. It isn’t just financial. Trust me, as a priest I find that some of the poorest people I’ve met in my journey have had the largest bank accounts and the weakest spirituality. The love of things that will pass often drive people to insanity as they chase the elusive dream of happiness … Read more

Anything BUT Ordinary!

On my way to the parish this morning I saw a Christmas Tree on the back of an old pickup truck. I know, you probably saw many, too, over the past few weeks, but since this is almost mid-January, I knew in my heart it was being discarded, not being brought on a journey home … Read more

The “Rules” for Christmas as a Catholic?

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia recently issued a document entitled, “The Obligations of the Faithful.” This document is meant to guide those who adhere to their teachings for the coming Christmas obligations because, as you are aware, it falls on a Sunday. Partly it reads, “The faithful are bound to observe the obligation of Holy Mass … Read more

The Spilled Water of Others. 

This coming Sunday is the anniversary for my ordination of becoming a deacon. There have been a lot of years since that day and so much has happened that as I sit and reflect. I can remember so much good, and there’s been some bad; there’s been a lot of unexpected experiences, and yes, sadly, … Read more

“All I Want is Peace”

All I Want is Peace. I was asked the other day how I was doing. I told my therapist, “All is want is peace.” Then, I began to cry. It isn’t easy being a pastor today. It certainly isn’t made an easier by the concerns over COVID and returning after a 3-year pandemic. It isn’t … Read more

A Time to Strip Away.

[Editor’s Note: Father Liam is away in Assisi, Italy on an extended pilgrimage retreat. This is his reflection.. We are grateful for his sharing.] Today we walked with our retreatants/pilgrims/seekers to the Santuario della Spogliazione—which means stripping or undressing. This is the bishop’s residence and courtyard where Francis’ father brought Francis before the bishop to … Read more

We Were Wrong.

I know, right? When was the last time the church, or a priest, or anyone for that matter, said those words? There really isn’t enough of us taking ownership of our own mistakes. So, let me be the first: I was wrong; WE were wrong! We noted the drop in attendance and sat and pondered why? … Read more