Lent 2023: Different – Join Us in Worship. Change Your Life.

Lent is traditionally a time to fast, care for the poor, and to pray.

This Lent, Saint Miriam will lead the faithful to deepen their faith, experience Lent in a renewed way, and allow us to find liturgical and varied means of sinking more deeply into communication with God.

We will enjoy a Choir-Seating Arrangement in our Sanctuary to allow us to see one another, an emphasis on silence and limited or intentional movement, increased ways of contemplation and devotion, a 40-hour Adoration, and a Mass setting and musical choices to lead us emotionally into a season of grace in the Church, but only if we open our hearts and minds to receive it.

Six weeks of sacrifice for new life, new faith, new hope! We can’t think of a better offer!

This Lent, let us make a difference and renew our faith and increased our peace.

Join us and change your life this Lent.

It all begins Ash Wednesday, February 22nd and then the subsequent six Sundays for Lent through Palm Sunday, April 2nd.