Orationes Mortuorum: A Spiritual Retreat for the Growth of Death Penalty Abolition – Holy Saturday, April 8th, 2023

Join us on Holy Saturday, April 8, 2023 from 10:00am to 12:pm (via Zoom) as Saint Miriam Parish & Friary, Death Penalty Action, Red Letter Christians and a host of others come together to offer a spiritual retreat to help people understand what it means to be an abolitionist.

During these hours, we will hear from a variety of spiritual voices in the movement to end the death penalty. The event will also serve as a culmination of our Lenten journey through the Rev. Dr. Father Jeff Hood’s book, Orationes Mortuorum (encounters with the last words of the last 40 people executed on death rows in the United States).

One does not want to miss the exciting revelations that these hours will undoubtedly offer.