Orationes Mortuorum (Prayers of the Dead)

The season of Lent is also about grief. It is a time to consider what it must have been like for Christ to have realized that He was about to be given over to His oppressors to be executed. Aware of what was coming, Christ grieves.

In this season, God calls us to grieve, too. We are not eternal. We will die. The question becomes what are we willing to give so that others might live? In this Lenten series, Father Jeff will engage the words of others who were about to be executed to see what they might offer us in terms of lessons in grief … and, for that matter, lessons in life.

Each reflection comes directly from his work with the condemned from the last 40 people to be executed in the United States. Every reflection offers brief information about the execution, a picture of the executed, the final words of the condemned person, words of Christ’s from the the Garden of Gethsemane, a response to previous words and a final prayer.

Our hope is that each lesson might manifest in us so we might manifest life in the lives of those we have condemned.

Sponsored by:

Saint Miriam Parish and Friary

Death Penalty Action

Clergy United Against the Death Penalty

Arkansas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty

Red Letter Christians

Ash Wednesday 8:00pm

Holy Saturday 10:00am

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