The Visual & Auditory Aspects of Lent at Saint Miriam 2023

Our 2023 Lenten Focus will be on ‘Journey’!

We invite you to sit, stay, pray and grow with us this Lenten Season! We will change up the seating and add a few stunning visual aspects to this year’s Lent!

Entry Lenten Sign: A stark image of a simple wooden bowl emblazoned with a Cross of ashes held by human hands to remind us to be more silent, ore reflective, more contemplative as we enter holy space and to prepare us to deepen our Lenten experience.


Crucifix: We changed out our San Damiano Franciscan Crucifix outside our Sanctuary for a black cross with a white corpus of the Crucified Christ to remind us of our focus on Him who saved us.


Seating: We changed our seating pattern to an Antiphonal, or “Choir” style, seating to allow each of us to see other’s face, rather than just the back of their heads, and to reflect on the diversity and beauty of the church assembly!


Barbed Wire Sculpture: We added a barbed wire element above the Sanctuary, near the Altar Cross, to not only remind us of the tortured and tormented Our lord suffered, but to all include those who are tormented or rejected today. These include the bullied, the immigrant, the refugee, the homeless, the rejected, the LGBTQ, and those struggling with addiction, mental health issues, and other more private pain that the world may not see, but that we are called to acknowledge and welcome to our midst.


Music: We will allow all to join in a special Lenten Introductory Rite, participate in a Lenten Penitential Rite, and celebrate the season with moments of reflection from hymns of new and old. Then, we will depart In silence, rather than sing through our exit, to permit those who wish to remain and pray.


Please avail yourself of these visual and auditory elements as well as the 40-Hour Devotion, Virtual Devotional with Father Hood, and Lenten Devotional Booklets and so much more!

All available for you to…

Join us and change your life this Lent!

We are excited and pray you will join us, and God, this holy time of year!