Welcome to our Beautiful Sanctuary!

As we gather to honor our God together, remember that you are more than just a guest here, you are the very best part of our parish! You now enter Saint Miriam as you did the Church, at the front with the Pascal Candle. You then listen to the Word, hear the Reflection, journey to the Altar for the Sacrament, and reverently Reserve the Real Presence in the Tabernacle before departing to share and change the world as “living tabernacles.” You sit and ponder one another as shared worshippers and admire what God can do! We added seating on all sides of the Altar so join us where you feel most comfortable, but perhaps … move to a place you never thought to sit before! The music team, too, has moved and they are now a part of the congregation to help us with a deeper participation and enjoyment and the space is more reflective of our Franciscan culture and identity.

Stretch into a new way of sitting, moving and being with God this week at Saint Miriam!

While we do not take up a collection, we depend on your generosity and willingness to support us. You may leave a donation in one of the collection boxes, located at both entrances to our parish, or you may use a giving kiosk for any type of electronic gift.

Your generosity supports our warm parish, our outreach to those living with homelessness, educational opportunities for children and care of our 300+ year old historic cemetery.

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