Wedding Rehearsal Request Form

Please be sure to complete this form as soon as possible, BUT AFTER you have booked and received confirmation from us for the actual wedding ceremony, to ensure the rehearsal is on the calendar. All rehearsals are scheduled separately from the actual Wedding Registration. Please also review the information related to Rehearsals found HERE!

Thank you!

Wedding Rehearsal Scheduling Form

PLEASE NOTE:  We, as a common practice, do NOT accommodate Friday rehearsal requests unless we have no weddings booked, and any rehearsals for a Friday will take a secondary place to wedding ceremonies. We can offer to send someone in the place of the chosen priest who will serve as celebrant (officiant), but they do not personally cover rehearsals on Fridays due to their very busy wedding and parish schedules at Saint Miriam. Also review the rehearsal policy under FAQ’s here. If a rehearsal is added to an existing package as an after thought, the normally requested stipend will be added to the final amount.

The stipend for a rehearsal is $175.

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Wedding Booking Cancellation Policy 

Since most of our Priests earn their living by dedicating themselves to the service of wedding couples, and the closer to the wedding date they are usually unable to replace the date that has been booked, it is incumbent that we have a basic understanding of what happens if the couple should cancel their arrangement with their chosen officiant. Our cancellation policy is as follows: 

  • If the wedding is canceled, or the chosen priest is no longer needed, for any reason, the following is understood by all parties:
  • Prior to 90 days from wedding date: No cancellation fee applies. Deposit is forfeited.
  • From 89 to 60 days from wedding date: A $100 cancellation fee applies. Deposit is forfeited.
  • From 59 to 30 days from wedding date: A $200 cancellation fee applies. Deposit is forfeited.
  • Less than 30 days or less from wedding date: A $300 cancelation fee applies, or the balance of the originally booked wedding package, whichever is less. Deposit is forfeited.

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