Triduum – A Simple and Focused Holy Week

“RESURRECTION OF CHRIST" by Ukrainian Artist Ulyana Tomkevych
“RESURRECTION OF CHRIST” by Ukrainian Artist Ulyana Tomkevych

In these holy days of Triduum, Saint Miriam will follow our pastor’s lead for a simple, directly inspired and focused Holy Week. To that end, each of the four days we will highlight an inspiring work of artists from Ukraine. Today, for Holy Thursday, we begin with “The Last Supper” by Ukrainian Artist, Ulyana Tomekvych.

To support their struggle, Saint Miriam has procured one of these stunningly beautiful pieces to join our parish art collection as an additional way to “pray and do”; to give our prayers legs to actually impact someone immediately as a show of support. We also made a donation in honor of our parishioners to Catholic Relief Services in Ukraine.

While we are gathering for Triduum, more than 4 million people are fleeing for their lives to neighboring countries — leaving behind homes, jobs and everything familiar. It is the least we can do not to overlook their plight for things of fancy.

Please join us for Holy Week at Saint Miriam, and join us as we pray for the people of Ukraine, and all people affected by the ongoing crisis in that region of the world.

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