1 Faith 1 Family: Growing in Faith, Giving in Love

What is the reason we still have hope, even two years after a pandemic?

Our parish is vital to the community, the homeless, the unwelcome, and each of us! Together we have adapted to worship and still serve, even as the world shut down around us. Now, as we make our way back, it’s time to renew our commitment!

It’s been four years since we offered an Annual Appeal, but it’s needed now more than ever! We have all suffered tremendous losses and the church has incurred tremendous and unexpected expenses to keep us here and vital. However, we won’t survive without a renewal of support and we pray, after all we’ve been through together, we will all give generously in love and thanksgiving to see a brighter future!

Please watch your mail to review the packet sent to you, pick up a copy of the appeal after any Mass on Sunday, or visit our website to make your commitment today!

Together the future looks bright!


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