We Were Wrong.

I know, right? When was the last time the church, or a priest, or anyone for that matter, said those words? There really isn’t enough of us taking ownership of our own mistakes. So, let me be the first: I was wrong; WE were wrong!

We noted the drop in attendance and sat and pondered why? We also began to look around at who was missing and asked again, why? We also looked at what changed and when, and then we asked others and found out that while we love the Sanctuary space, and many of us who are clergy feel the presence of God within a simple monastic assembly facing one another, many simply do not! 

We learned that our space, while beautiful, makes some uncomfortable. We learned it is sometimes awkward for some to navigate, especially if they arrive late or at Communion time. Simply put, is not what everyone wants! We found in our visiting with some, especially families, that they find it difficult to navigate and some do not like the camera positions, and many with children find it like being ‘on stage’! Some want to sit in the back and ponder alone, others want to be able to move around if needed and still others like the option of leaving with the children and returning when they are calm!

Therefore, we heard you, and we are (1) making changes to the seating this week in time for Sunday, October 1st. (2) We also changed our livestream to one mass per Sunday and the camera will be a tighter view on Altar and Pulpit to minimize the intrusion on seating.

We don’t always get things right. We try and we fail. But we have learned that we own our mistakes, or our attempts at making things better, and then move on. We love Saint Miriam. We love it enough to put her first and to ‘swallow a little crow’ and make some changes as we listen to each of you: the very best of what we are. To worship, you must feel comfortable. We get it and now we are making those needed changes.  

We pray you will, too. We pray we will see you on Sunday!

Monsignor +Jim

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