Small Group – Dinner, Church

Welcome to Dinner, Church a new contextual expression of church! In large cities one can feel like a tiny cog in a very large machine. Shuffled down crowded city streets, elbowed on subway train cars and stuffed into elevators, many of us feel nameless and unseen for much of our day. Enter Dinner, Church @ Saint Miriam! A small, monthly gathering of folks over a warm meal that they cook together. We gather as it was practiced before large, complex church structures thereby piquing the interest of non-Christians and Christians alike. We gather as it was: simple and affordable. We gather as it was once practiced by Jesus and his disciples: A shared meal, music and light, inspirational message.

Join us to share a meal, tell your story and weave it into our’s, and uncover a new way to explore God and each other!

This group meets monthly on the 3rd Wednesday at 6:30pm from October through May. For more information visit our Master Calendar, or contact us!