Small Group – Saint Miriam Sacristy Guild

The word sacristy stems from the Latin “sacer,” or “sacred” and that is exactly what this group does by maintaining and caring for the most sacred items we use at Saint Miriam. The Sacristy Guild oversees a great breadth of coverage in preparing for each service and Mass. The Sacristy Guild members change paraments, they set out communion ware, set out the Paschal candle if needed, mark liturgical readings in the Ambo found in the Lectionary and Gospel Book, and organize pew hymnals. The Sacristy Guild also helps with cleaning the linens after a communion, polishing the silver communion ware, when needed, replace votive candles, and help to prepare and then clean the homebound Communion kits. For more information contact us today! For more information, see Deacon Pat, or contact us!