Small Group – Saint Miriam Pastoral Care Team

In keeping with the mission of our community, it is important that a connection with the parish and greater Church be kept alive. There are many ways this can occur, but the primary way is during the weekly Sunday Mass. Gathering as community to worship the Lord through prayer and song on a regular basis helps us to form more fully into the family of God. This helps us see the importance of looking out for each other’s needs. However, we recognize that there are times when it is not possible to keep connection with a faith community due to illness, age, or other unexpected reasons. Our Pastoral Care Team is ready to be of service, but we need to be made aware of your needs. This can occur through a phone call from you, or from a family member, friend or neighbor who knows of your need and your desire to receive a call from our parish pastor, priests, or pastoral care team members. Our team does a lot of caring and this may include desiring to receive the Sacraments like Eucharist, Anointing of the Sick, or Confession. They also pray for others, maintain our parish prayer list, send greeting cards, and provide links to needed support services. Some needs that we can help with may also include:

  • Needing a friendly visit
  • Coping with issues of grief due to a loss through death, divorce, termination from a job or loss of mobility, etc.
  • Having a difficult time recuperating from a serious illness or surgery

To join this wonderful and caring team, or for more information, contact us today.