Small Group – Saint Miriam Café and Hospitality

Greeters: These wonderful and warm volunteers greet people as they arrive, pass out mass and worship materials, and help seat those attending services or with special needs. They also remain after services to help tidy the church.

Hospitality & Café: These selfless volunteers help on a rotational basis on Sundays to “feed the masses after our masses” in our new Saint Miriam Café! We offer a cafe’ experience for hospitality after each of our Sunday Masses (and on Thursdays during Lent after Stations of the Cross). Each is designed to allow visitors to engage other members and to become part of a real and dynamic community. Moreover, we offer several annual ‘Food Events’ that occur around the holidays. These food events are like catered affairs! Hospitality has become a cornerstone of the Saint Miriam experience!

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